Is sexting ruining a chance of a relationship?

We have been snapchatting back and forth. We have been talking for 2.5 weeks now. We arevvery alike and he's told me a few secrets and so have I. He says he wants a real relationship, and when there's an open chance for the conversation to go sexual he doesn't steer it that way.
However, we have been sending pics to each other (my in a bikini top, him just shirtless) but he implies he wants to go to more. He says he'll show me anything- he's asked to see more, and I told him no, waiting makes it better, and that it helps prevent me getting screwed over by fuckboys.
We are meeting in person in a week but we do this almost every night. What should I do?


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  • In a way yes

    • Well how?

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    • Yes, but then again most guys would probably tell you what you want to hear just to either gain access or get you to send nudes

    • All I am saying is be careful because you never really know a guy's true motive

  • Just go at a steady pace. Don't reveal to much.

    • So save the best for last so to speak? Wait until IRL and go from there?

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    • I knew that! Lol. And yes feel out the relationship first, don't jump right into bed with him and don't send him certain pictures just yet. But tease him a little so he knows there's a possibilit.

    • Possibility

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  • Don't do anything you don't want to do... If you feel more comfortable waiting then wait. Also waiting doesn't ensure that he won't turn out to be a dick face all you can do is go at a speed you're comfortable with, if he doesn't respect that then well you've got yourself a "fuckboy"

    • So far he's been respectful... I told him he had to wait to see it all... until in person. And he says he wants a relationship but I just don't know- I'm nervous about it.

    • Then don't do it. You don't have to show him AT ALL in person or in pictures. You're under 18 it's perfectly fine to not be ready to show him or be too nervous to. Wait until you're ready whether that's next week or 3 years from now it's your decision. Don't let the promise of a relationship manipulate you into doing something you clearly aren't sure about.