Is this normal?

I wore a brace from the age of 12 to 16,5 and ever since then i felt a deep sadness and depression, its like i couldnt find my way in life or whom to hang out with... who i am? really gor depressed after i was done with the treatment i was so lost... is that even normal? am i not supposed to pick up where i was left? i am 24 now and i am on meds... was it really that traumatic?


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  • you should my take that about your experience, so we understand what you went through. I'm sure it is traumatic to some degree, I had ugly braces for 4 yeras of HS and then college 4 years, including a "head gear". It is emotionally tough. Add to that glasses and I was a real goof looking kid and felt terrible. I had my own "depression" that was a state of normal for me.. no girlfriends, I'd run from them. no kiss, no dance, no nothing through college!

    That's life sometimes hugh...

    If you can shift your mind and thinking to being grateful for what you have, anything good, you will be amazed how it changes you and you will start to have good feelings. Dwelling on the loss is misery... no different than dwelling on the loss of a pet or a family member that dies... it is sad. Move on from the loss (of time and experiences) and dwell (think about) the good things you do have now (list them out, if you can't... ping me back and I'll list them) and think about the fun you will have!! YES!!


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  • What made you feel sadness and depression? I really doubt it has anything to do with you wearing braces. You should find the root of the problem and face it. I recommend you talking to a professional about it because it might be more serious than you think.