Is it wrong for your significant other to hang out with a member of the opposite sex?

alone.. I might add.. my boyfriend sees nothing wrong with it and is strangely encouraging me to hang out with my male friends... I strongly disagree

we are trying to see how many people are on whose side... don't vote for me if your a girl just because I am and don't vote for him if your a guy just because he's a guy. I want honest opinions please

hes doesn't have many female friends btw (only like 2 maybe that he never hangs with anyway)... I forgot to mention that... so what's up with that

and we are teens. but I'm old fashion.. men are the decision makers etc, and he's like idk... he wants me to wear the pants in our relationship..

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  • There is nothing wrong with this. Your other male friends are people, and they are people, as are your female friends. As long as it isn't becoming a relationship issue (cheating, creating distance between you, etc.) then it isn't an issue at all. Your boyfriend is right.


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  • Being isolated from all your friends except each other is pretty unhealthy. Your guy is right about this.

  • if there doing it regularly it could become an issue , I don't think I'd be comfortable if girl had a lot of guy friends

  • No, it isn't. You are operating as though opposite sex friendships are equivalent to cheating (or will eventually lead to cheating). This is not the case. In the instance that one of you DOES cheat, the solution should probably be to end the relationship, not to end contact with the other gender. There is nothing wrong with hanging out with your friends, male or female.

  • Some people are different, if he is very social and trusting then its an issue with you, not him...some people have different levels of trust, social relationships, cheating, etc..


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  • theres nothing wrong with it.

    as we grow up we're going to have friendships with the opposite sex.

    doesnt mean we're automatically going to sleep with them.

  • I say no because my friends girlfriend doesn't trust us being friends or being alone which is for good reason:) but ya why do they have to be alone? I don't trust that at all...

    • I said alone because I figure I'm dating now so he'd tag along if I wanted to be with a male friend but he says no..

  • Okay,well,I just have one question for you,"Why do you think it's wrong for him to hang out with people of the opposite sex...why do you disagree?" Personally,I don't see anythig wrong with it.Some say that guys and girls can't be friends because at one point,they will fall for each other.Honestly,sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't.I might be wrong about this,but from the way you word your question and from my point of view,it seems like you don't trust him.And it also seems like you two are in an unhealthy relationship.Why? Well,you mentioned that you're old fashioned,therefore,you believe that men should be the decision makers,but you also mentioned that he wants you to be the one who makes the you see anything wrong with this?First of all,in order to have a good relationship there has to be communication and trust- -without neither of those,a relationship will not work.

    Communication: If both of you are not putting the same effort in the relationship,then it's not going to work it the long run.I know you said that you're old-fashioned,but you wanting men to make the decisions will not work later on in life.Believe me,sooner or later,you'll want to have your say- -your opinion in the decision making.Both of you need to sit down and start making decisions together.

    Trust: If you don't trust your partner,the only thing that will come out of the relationship is drama.Like I said,it seems like you don't trust him,so in your case,I would test him by letting him hang out with other girls.If he cares about you,he shouldn't do anything that will risk the relationship.If he does something stupid,then he's not worth it and you need to move on.Simple as that.

    • Im not saying its wrong for him, I think its wrong in general. he wants me to be with my male friends but I think its wrong. I just think being alone with a person of opposite sex is for dating. friendship is in groups..