Whats the fastest way to kiss a guy?

My whole life I haven't kissed a guy because I just thought who cares if it doesn't last forever? And every time a guy tried to kiss me, I would pull away. And I totally regret it. My ex boyfriend still likes me, and I was planning to kiss him today but I couldn't find him and it was his last day of school and he's going to high school next year and I'll still be at middle school.I'm turning 14 in less than 2 weeks and I want to kiss a guy before I turn 14. How do I ever see him again? And yes, I want it to be my ex boyfriend because I want to be experienced before a real date.


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  • I'm not sure how things are really going at your end, but if you ever get a hold of him then tell him you wanna hang out or something. And whenever you feel you have a chance, than I say kiss him. Even if he doesn't see it coming. Usually guys like surprises like that. And if he still likes you, than I'm sure he'll kiss you back. Give it a shot, and keep me updated.


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  • call/him e-mail him? ask you go see a movie.or ice cream cone or something.