4 year relationship going downhill. Fight or flight?

She's only my 2nd girlfriend and I'm her first everything. We've been in our share of arguments, but these past 2 weeks have been an ex We tried giving each other space and I told her to talk with friends about what's going on cause she needed to vent cause she's super emotional. So we basically broke up (I told her no communication and only talk to me after she has vented with at least 2 people and think what she wants to do) and that lasted about 4 days. Once she texted me she was saying that I didn't care at all because if I cared I would've texted her. Although we both agreed to not communicate. We decided to work things out because I take my relationships serious and I'll fight to make them work! But then last night we went bowling with a friend of mine and his date and she got mad at me because she wanted it to just be us two. She also got mad at me like 4 other times that day for little things I said texting or at bowling. I'm just so confused like I love her and I want to be with her and she says the same but she just keeps getting annoyed by me and I told her to follow her heart and I'll do whatever she wants and I'll change but she misses me and then when we get together it's like the opposite. I'm like her only friend pretty much and I don't wanna leave her because I love her like crazy she's perfect for me but I don't want her being sad and depressed. I've asked her if she wants to try to make this work or take a break (even though I don't believe in "taking breaks") and date other people because I don't want her feeling dating me is missing out on anything since I'm her one and only. She just doesn't know what she wants, and I just want her to be happy.


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  • Your relationship sounds toxic. Do not take a break, instead break up and find someone else who might make you happy. Both of you will end up resenting each other if you keep on fighting for it.


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  • you've put a lot of time and effort into this relationship , you have to decide if she's worth putting more time into at this point? do you see this going anywhere further or has it reached its end point?