So, she wants to hang out?

If a girls say "Let's hang out" does that means she's interested, and where are some good places to take her without being too formal or date-ish?


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  • Personally, I don't have a lot of understanding with these things, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

    To me, "Let's hang out" is exactly what it means. In my impression, it would imply that she is not interested in me romantically... though I wouldn't take it as a horrible thing, necessarily. It probably means (providing you don't have one of those fake girls that say that to everyone and then don't bother following up) that she DOES want to get to know you better. And if you play your cards right, and act well, you might have the potential for a girl/woman who would like to date... or at least leave it open to the possibility.

    So, you make it fun, you get to do something unique that she might not do every day, keep things light, and see how it goes. If she gives you the warning signs that she's got issues no normal man would want to deal with ("I keep swords in my car!"), then, well, at least you had fun and got to do something you don't normally do.

    Now: date-ish? uh, avoid movies for the first or second time around. Coffee at lunch is quick, inexpensive, and you can get to know someone pretty nicely, plus the ambiance is kind of cool, depending on where you go. Plus, I meet business contacts or friends for lunch. Friday nights are a little cliche, but if it works, hey, use it.

    I think Lazer tag games and arcades are pretty fun, but I'm a dude.

    Good luck!


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  • It says she's interested in knowing you...interested in other things I'm sure you'll find out...Window shopping and lunch at the mall, flea market or garage sales on weekends...what are things that you both like to do? You'll figure it out. Have fun and relax...You'll find out all those answers in time...

  • I personally say that because it doesn't sound as corny as "Let's go out on a date." And I'm not sure if I'd want to go out the person, and I just want to do something casual and fun. But it just means she wants to get to know you. So movies and dinner? Basically anywhere low pressure that could be appropriate for friends.

  • It is possible that is interested and wants to get to know you better. Good places to go out is the movies, out to eat maybe pizza or a burger, parks just be yourself and find her interests that way you have an idea of where to go.


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