Falling in love with her?

So I've been seeing this girl for almost 3 months. We're not bf/gf yet. It was her birthday this past weekend so I surprised her with a 'birthday cake with 'Frozen' plates as a joke (her favorite animated movie). That was 3 days ago and I already miss her. I even sent her a text saying that I missed her. Is it normal to miss someone that you've just seen only a few days before? Especially if they're not someone you've known for a long time? Seem like I'm falling for her?


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  • No one can tell you if your falling in love. It could be lust but you should definitely let some time to by before just jumping into it thinking you are in love. Time will tell


What Guys Said 1

  • 3 months is too early to be 'falling' for someone, unless she was already a friend or known person before you started dating her (which is not true here, I suppose).

    You are probably just infatuated with her as of now.