Is he just saying he doesn't want to hang out because he wants to be able to "detach" himself?

first he said he wanted a break to benefit the both of us, we were fighting and he said he was too emotionally attached. Then he said he doesn't want to hang out at all anymore? he said we can still text and stuff but he is no longer going to hanging out with me. Does he mean this? Is he just saying he doesn't want to hang out because he wants to be able to "detach" himself, or does he really mean it and he's done? Every time we need a break and say we are done, whenever we hang out again and we work things out, I feel like he's trying to be strong and make it easier on him but I could be wrong?


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  • Well, maybe he is fed up of all the arguments and fights and really does'nt want anything more. .maybe he's like one of those abnormal guys(sorry, am saying that my ex was like that too), some guys like attention so they do such things so that the girl would stop them and try to fix things. .both of you fix things together whenever ur not hanging out or one of u? I dun think people need a ''break'' in a relationship and later they can come back when they feel for it. .but what about ur feelings? whenever he says that ''i'm not gonna hangout with u'', does'nt he hurt u? sorry if I am rude but I am just letting you see. .u have to deciede that you want a normal guy or abnormal? and he can only answer this if he really means that, maybe he means that or maybe he said it because he was angry!

    best of luck! :)

    • Yeah it does hurt me I feel like he's fed up with it all too but we normally get back together so I don't know what's going to happen this time. I had one of our friends talk to him and he said he will be there for me if I ever need him but he's done with the bullsh*t. I know he likes me so I'm hoping if I give him space he will realize what he's missing? I'm miserable I just at least want him to come back so I can say "f*** you" and feel better about myself. How do you think I can get him to come back?

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    • Alright thanks so much. I mean I know he cares about me and I know he likes me he's just very stubborn and I feel like he's being stubborn in this situation right now. even if he does miss me he is that stubborn that he won't make himself look weak and he will wait for me to come to him.. or he will find an excuse to talk to me he won't show it in a way that he's doing it cause he misses me

    • Very true!! some guys are stubborn who does'nt say things out so easily!! best of luck :)


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  • Takes time to get over an ex. its harder if you remain friends, and have contact, hard to move on and be commited to the new relatoinship you are in and you hope or would be tempted to hook up with him, even is its casual or fwb, not healthy.


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  • let him go... as hard as it sounds You need to let him go... HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. he just wants his space.. give it to him. DISAPPEAR FROM HIS RADAR. TRUST ME.. IF HE WANTS You HE WILL FIND A WAY!