How well will a "short/mid distance" relationship work?

There is this girl that I met from work this summer. We went to the same high school but never knew each-other until now. I'm going into my senior year of HS and she is going into freshman year in college. We both like each-other and the only thing holding us back from making our relationship more serious is the fact that she is going to college. She won't be more than an hour and a half away from me and she able to come home whenever she wants to and vice versa with me visiting her. So my main question here is, is it possible for a relationship like this to work well? I figured that it is technically a "long distance" relationship even though she is just a 90 mile drive away, so if there is anyone with experience with relationships like this, or any type of distance relationship, if they have any good advice or opinions on the matter.


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  • My boyfriend and have maintained a 2 year long distance relationship. 12 hours drive time in the beginning now only 6. We have had some difficult moments and we're in our 40's. The biggest suggestion is to always be honest when communicating. Trust is a factorHUGE in it. Gotta put effort in even when u may not want too. Distance can work but don't let it fool you... your mind will play tricks on you especially us women!! Good luck


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  • Yes, it can definitely work! Just make sure you keep some time aside, maybe on weekends, to meet each other at least once a week,

    • Thanks for responding so quickly! Not trying to sound too soft but this really does kind of gives me the confidence to talk about it more deeply with her.

    • I know how difficult it is to even find someone compatible, when we are trying to date. So a 90 minute drive should never act as a deterrent to pursuing a relationship with someone you find compatible! :)

  • Well mine is in prison 6 hrs away and we make it work. But we're older though

    • Your relationship does really take a lot of loyalty on your part, and in a world where there are countless stereotypes on guys ending relationships or even cheating in your situations, or situations like it excites me!

    • It's only fair if she ain't gettin it then I'm not either