What to do on a 1st date?

So it's been a while since I went on a date and not to mention my previous date was rather nonstandard. So moving on, I invited a girl to grab some coffee and have a chat at Starbucks. Here lies the problem how do I determine if we should go on more dates or part our own ways, since as I said before my previous date led to a relationship and was nonstandard from the start. Anyways can you give me some advice on what to do, and how I should approach the girl if we click and should go on more dates. Big shout of thanks in advance.

PS. I will have no problem talking with this girl, but I haven't been on much dates to work out the procedures to this things. Yeah I know us guys should be more aware of this things but I never had a father figure to show me things in life.


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  • If the date goes well, you can text her after the date (maybe a couple hours later) and say something like, "Thanks for coming out with me tonight. I had a good time!" If she agrees, then perfect! I promise it's really as simple as that.

    Or you can give her a hug at the end of the date and say the same sort of thing as above, and gauge her reaction. It really depends on how the vibe is and what feels right in the moment.


What Guys Said 1

  • Coffee is a good first date, just see how you connect. If I'm really liking her towards the end of the date when we're talking I'll suggest a place we should go some time in the future and I'll let her know that I'll text her sometime during the week to work it out. And as far as determining whether or not to go on another date, like I said.. It's if I'm really liking her.. And you should be able to know if you really like a girl. Factors that influence my decision is if I'm having fun talking to her and I can tell she likes me and is making an effort.