Single mom dating question... Which is worse in the eyes of the dating world?

Which looks worse.
Being a single mom with kids and just saying that your single?
Or being a single mom with kids and saying your divorced? (On a dating site)
I've heard that divorce throws up a red flag to guys.
But I would think that having kids and not being married would make them worry more. I don't know.
And yes I know having kids at all is like a big turn off apparently but these are the cards I've been given.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Divorced = You probably have major attitude problem.
    Single = You are desperate to snag a husband to leech from.

    Either way, you are beyond damaged goods. The guys you find attractive will only want you for a pump n dump. The only guys who will want a relationship are the ones you find creepy.

    • Wow, that's truly fucked up... and why dose divorce =me having an attitude problem? what dose That even mean?

    • Divorced women have a chip on their shoulder. Just the way it is.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I know a lot of girls from both categories, and I'd say they get equal amounts of interest. Depends on the guy I guess.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Never being married with kids is worse imho

  • having kids is just a huge baggage for the guy who may or may not have to be ok with your baby dad always being in your life for the child. the child also hates you as you're a threat to his/her real parents getting back together.

    also, it costs a minimum of 250k to raise a child into adulthood.

  • having kids is a complete red flag, guys dont want to carry on the burden unless he has kids too, then its kinda equal.
    wheres the original father? perhaps getting back with him is the better choice if possible.

    • Original father left when we got pregnant with our second, said kids weren't for him.. plus he was abusive, so can't go back to that.

    • ok fair enough

  • i wouldn't say divorced. i think thats worse.


What Girls Said 1

  • Also having kids by a bunch of different men is pretty bad.