Looking for some general tips on whether you can figure out if a girl is interested in you through text?

Im thinking of meeting this girl whos number I got online awhile ago (really long time suprisingly..) I would just like some ideas on what sort of messages she might send if she is interested (wouldnt like to set myself up for fail)? I realized I can be so aloof to their behaviours at times. So how can you tell?


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  • As long as she texts you (doesn't matter what) it means she likes you. When I like a guy I would sometimes text something stupid that has nothing to do with anything, but I mean he gets the picture. :)

  • 1) she will keep the conversation running, vise versa.
    2) immediate responses or when she gets the chance to response.
    3) she flirts and keeps you updated with what she's upto even via text


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