Ok guys that dont want kids!! Please look at this question?

hey, so i dont want kids, maybe i would adopt but probably not. If you dont want kids, can you please just kind of explain your personality? Like are you a relationship person? Funny? Adventurous? And please explain why you dont want kids! Thank you:)


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  • I am backwards... I am more of a "Nice Guy"

    I really wanted marriage and kids, I never really cared about having multiple partners or anything...

    I met a nice girl, and she was the same way... but I found out she was leading me on, and with someone else and that hurt...

    And trying to date, I just keep seeing the same type of girl...

    I hear stories of people being married for 20-30 years and cheating, and this kind of stuff is acceptable?

    I am 24 now, and I don't care about that anymore...

    Whats the point?

    Might as well have as much fun as you can, and try not to bring kids into such a messed up world...

    • I dont want kids but just because you got hurt doesn't mean you should have a horrible outlook on relationships! If you find the right person you will know! Forget about the past and live:)

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    • I will try my friend...

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I'm answering because I never wanted kids until I got pregnant lmfao
    I'm adventurous but I'm hella stand offish I don't like being around people really. I didn't want kids because I used to do competitive vaulting (gymnastics of horses) and I was afraid it would ruin my body. It didn't thankfully and my daughters amazing. I don't want anymore though 😂


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  • I don't want any kids and I will never want any. I am not a relationship person and don't like being tied down.

    My personality... I've bought people to tears of laughter on many occasions (if only I could ever remember what I said). I'm not a joker though... I'm quite serious really... sort of.

    I have a plant on my window... that's enough responsibility for me...

  • I want kids, but I can't have any. I'm a closed book, I don't share much personal stuff and I have preferences unfortunately very few girls can meet but my only preferences are ones that can be met if they chose to, like not drinking, smoking or doing drugs.

  • Economic instability now and dismal future for subsequent generations.

  • A big percentage of guys don't want kids, or care either way. They usually get oops-ed or just give into their girl's demands.


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