He is giving me short answers?

I met this guy. . he asked for my number... i gave it too him and he texted me and we called before seeing eachother... i met up with him.. he wanted to chill at his house.. And asked to stay the night but no sex... i said no. Lets do something fun... i took him to a lounge and we smoked hookah.. he had no money so i paid for him. I told him i waa going back home and he walked me to the station we hugged and he said i can call him anytime... he didn't go for a kiss... i rejectdd him early on when he asked. Anyhow... i texted him and all he gave was short answers and one word answers... whats wrong? Did he wanted sex?


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  • He's a man and men give short answers. If you want someone who gives long messages and answers then date a woman.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes it's because he only wanted sex