I keep having dreams about girls?

I have a lot of dirty dreams about girl or intamite dreams about girls over and over again and its incredibly frustrating. I try to have dreams about guys instead but for some reason it doesn't work. I never can dream about a guy some reason. In real life, I'm not very close with guys, I've never had a boyfriend or been kissed either (same with girls) and boys don't even realize I'm there most of the time like I'm drop dead ugly or invisible or something. My eldest sister told me I come off as a lesbian in a list of ways and the family recognizes it too. I'm sexually attracted to females yes but I wouldn't date one. I would date a guy. I don't want to be bi or lesbain, I want to be straight and I want to be with a guy. But its like there's a force in the sky pulling me away from that making sure that I'm gay. There's nothing wrong with being gay, its just I want to be with a guy. Boys ignore the crap out of me and I can't even get a boyfriend in my dreams. what does this mean? I'm I just born to be a lesbain or something? This is getting on my nerves.

No rude ageist comments please. If you have a problem with anything I said, don't be dumb and start a problem just don't answer. (There are a crap ton of bullies on GAG)


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  • Just throwing it out there, but maybe you're having intimate dreams about girls because you are subconsciously wishing you were like these girls in your dreams. Like you wish that you could be as desirable as these girls from your dreams. Or maybe you are gay/bi. Dreams are pretty complicated so just believe in what is in your heart. And don't worry too much either since you are still young, there will be plenty of chances to date a guy or maybe even a girl if you're into it.


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  • it could be nothing but honey, we don't choose our orientation. It is possible that these dreams are telling you something about yourself which you aren't ready to fully accept.


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  • " I don't want to be bi or lesbain, I want to be straight and I want to be with a guy. "

    This is your first problem, it doesn't matter what you want to be, it's what you are. I had a hard time coming to terms with my bisexuality, I still have a hard time envisioning myself with a guy, ever.

    At least it sounds like you have a super supportive family, talk to your sister about this maybe?

    Your sexually attracted to females, your bi-sexual. Whats so wrong with dating a female by the way?

  • Me too. Do you find yourself coming in your dreams like I do too?

  • 1. You don't control dreams, you can read theories on how dreams work.
    2. Even when i am straight i don't have any dreams about girls, i want to but still can't.
    3. You're in teens, your body is going hormonal crazy rn, so you just have to be little patient and understanding.
    4. You can try masturbation, and its just fine. Don't overdo it.
    There's more but i am sure this is plenty. ☺

    • Please say more, I really really want to make sure I'm not lesbian

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    • Never mind. I've been rejected by every guy I've ever liked. Like I'll ever get to "make out" any time soon 😢

    • I m pretty sure, some weirdos will pm you after seeing this.😂 . You can search dating section or take tips from me.

  • Maybe your subconscious is telling you that you're gay since you're attracted to females even though you want to be straight but it's not coming out naturally since you said want but you could be bi also


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