Would you date someone with crooked teeth but cute? How important is teeth to you?

He's more like a close friend but he's cute cute, although he's got jacked up teeth and he's 27. But the real reason i won't date him is because he's African American and not that i am racist but i have a strong preference, i olny date Latino & white.. But i love him he's so nice but how important are teeth to you?
Please be honest


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  • They are somewhat important I don't think I coukd kiss a woman with yellow teeth


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  • They don't have to be completely perfect, it's normal to have 1-3 crooked teeth. But a jacked up smile is not attractive.

    • He's got the right side jacked with fang and bottom jacked but the top right straight. But he's cute.. I want to tell him to get braces but i dont want to make him feel bad & i dont think he's got money. But im willing to help him with money.. If he does get braces, how long does it take to get straight?
      he's 27 but i want to help him. He won't smile

    • I didn't think anyone over the age of 25 got braces lol but if you can on average it takes like 1-2 years to get straight. Veneers or Invisalign might be good options too. Does he talk to you about his teeth?

    • No but he won't smile..


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  • There was this gorgeous girl, her teeth definitely weren't perfect, but I didn't care haha.


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  • To be honest, teeth are like my most important thing. Then again depends how crooked they are and how clean they are.