Guy over house for the first time?

I'm having this boy over that I like for the first time. I am always super awkward around him and I want to not be so awkward this time we hangout. There's literally nothing to do at my house and I don't wanna end up in bed with him watching movies because there's no way I won't be awkward and I know he might try something and I'm on my period so that's awkward itself lol. I don't want to play board games or anything like that either. Also my mom is going to be home and she probably won't let us have the door closed to my room and it's so embarrassing she literally will come open it if I close it and be like no doors closed... So I'm afraid if we're in my room this will happen.. What should I do?


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  • Tell him there will be no hanky panky since you're having that monthly visitor and your mom will be there and your door has to remain open

    • How can I say that without making it awkward? Like I don't want him to think I was expecting that either

    • It shouldn't be awkward. All of it are truths


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  • Why what's wrong with watching movies? You could, you know, talk to him. Share your interests, ask him questions etc.