How to get over the humiliation of rejection or a break up?

I've found in the past that I'm often determined to get back with someone who rejected or broke up with me due to feeling humiliated that I obviously wasn't good enough. I find it even worse when everyone seems to know about it and I feel they must all be lapping up the drama and assuming there must be something wrong with me that guys don't want me. How do I stop feeling this way?


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  • guys obviously DO want you or you wouldn't have relationships, failed or otherwise to begin with. It is likely this is a self fulfilling prophecy and related to fear of abandonment... do they generally break up with you? Do you ever break up with them? Can't you determine that any humiliation is likely due to you continuing to chase them after rejection is obvious? You might want to study up on "Codependence" and if it sounds familiar, it's likely due to childhood issues-how you were treated by one or both parents. I speak from experience and you want to heal yourself so this doesn't keep happening, it's nothing to do with how you look I'm sure-but rather how you feel about yourself. If you don't like you-nobody really will. On the bright side-this also means the "fix" is 100% in YOUR HANDS, you have control of this-so change it :)

  • The thing about being vindictive is that you shouldn't let it interfere with self development. Having said that I am quite a vindictive person myself.


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  • Why would you be determined to get back with someone who does not want you anymore? I mean, what's the point of even doing that? Can't you understand that the only person you're harming in the end is yourself?