Does he really not care at all anymore? Is it this easy for guys to move on?

I've dated this guy named Mike for 5 months.. We didn't define our relationship so I can't say we were together, but it felt like we were. I met his friends, he met mine... We had these small dinner parties together.. hung out at his place.. everything was so perfect. In July he went to Croatia for a week to this party area.. While he was there I was also in Croatia, just in a different city with my friends. He partied there every day and night but still called me all the time and texted me. He even came to the city I was staying at with his brother and friend to be with me. There he admitted that he fell in love with me. When we came back home everything was perfect. And then I traveled to Serbia with my family. And he came here too with his friends to party. But when we saw eachother he acted more distant. This happened on Friday. So I asked him via fb why does he act so distant all of a sudden and he said that things are moving too fast and that he's not ready for a relationship, but that everything between us was real at the time being. He told me that he wants to talk about it in person when we get back home but I told him that we can talk here in Serbia about it. So we said we would meet but then he bailed on me. And yesterday I posted a picture on fb and my friends teased me about something saying that I got prettier and I replied "sure I did.. otherwise I would be bored here;)". Then Mike liked my comment and blocked me on fb, insta and snapchat. His friend posted him later on snapchat with this other girl.. They weren't kissing but I bet it wasn't innocent. I don't get it. I'm totally heartbroken.. I really love him.. He just acts like he doesn't care about me at all anymore.


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  • Think of it this way... he wasn't man enough for you and you deserve and will get better. Go out and meet new guys and keep busy, he seems unreliable anyway and would have ended up ruining your life, maybe even with several kids. you'll be ok.


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  • "Is it this easy for guys to move on?"

    Yes. And when we do, it often results in exactly something like this - disbelief on the part of the girl.

    • How... That feels like he never even loved me..

    • Yeah, you can find in my comments history, that exact revelation.
      Guys move on so fast, that the girl is left to wonder if the relationship was ever real, and if he ever held any real feelings for her at all.

      It's a gift, and one of the many differences between men and women.

  • No , in general boys sulk up more after break up IF there was enough to stick around for.
    But if there wasn't , then the amount of fucks we give are tending to zero.


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  • Sounds like he has moved on, so he never really loved you if he could move on that quick with some random chick :(