Am I right to be annoyed about this?

Basically my bfs birthday is in September on the Wednesday, our three year anniversary is the day after this year so I thought we could go away. However there is a village fete that he attends every year to celebrate his birthday that is being held on the Saturday this year, all his friends go. Neither of us could get the week off so I proposed we go on our trip for our anniversary over the weekend and miss the fete and have his birthday mixed into our plans? He refused and said no he was going to the fete and that our anniversary plans can be moved to another week? I'm annoyed because it's our three years and wanted it to be special nearer the day. Am I over reacting or is he in the wrong?


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  • Yeeeahh.. Kinda 50-50. I understand that anniversaries and stuff are important to girls and im one of those gauys that im sure would forget those things... And id hope girla dont take this type of behaviour as too offensive.. I mean.. Yeah. But him not wanting to go with you is kinda inconaiderate on his part as well. Altough if he attends this every year then you should try to understand it too.. Well this is one of those circumstances where there's no bad guy. You two ahould just ait down and disxuss it while trying to see it from a neutral pov

    • He's told me he's going to do both but move the anniversary to another week? Do you think that's fair, he said it's because the fete you can't move but our anniversary we can? I just think it's annoying as it feels like he's choosing his friends over me :/

    • Lol.. Okay thats not very considerate. I wouldn't necessarily say he's choosing his friends over you, but he IS not giving enough value to how important this os to you. I understand, you have every right to be upset. Well, i hope you can convince him otherwise. I do hope this won't be a stain on your relationship, because from my point of view, it wouldn't be THAT serious, .. but i understand its important to you... Well, i hope things work out

    • * not considerate (on his part)

  • I guess he could compromise but it's something he has been doing every year on his birthday so I don't think he wants to really change those plans

    • It just sucks that this is a big step for us and he's not willing to miss one stupid fete. It's probably because his mates will be there and it's his birthday but still I thought he would be more excited to go away with just me?

    • Maybe he's thinking that since he will always have you that you guys could just go another time and it doesn't have to be the exact date and yeah he dosent want to miss out on his friends being there either

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  • You both are. I mean you can be upset as you want to celebrate but it's still his birthday so he should be allowed with his friends