Should I ask this girl to a concert I'm going to for our 2nd date?

Last weekend I had a date with the girl this girl who shares a lot of similar interests as far as bands and movies go.

She the likes the band I'm going to see on Sunday but I'm kinda hesitant to ask her only because we've only had 1 date so far and I have friends going to the concert.

I like her but I don't wanna make it seem like I'm rushing anything.

Should I ask her to the concert or just to go out and do something with just me and her?


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  • I think it's it's a good idea because it will be breaking the ice... I've heard if you do something fun on a date they tend to like the guy more... Because you might get some sort of connection , especially since it's not a boring / nerve wracking date... It's also good that your friends are there so afterwards they can give you advice on you two :) and maybe she'll talk to your guy friends about you maybe ask them stuff about you :0 , try it !

    • 3mo

      Even though it'd only be our 2nd date?

  • Ask her. If a guy asked me if I wanted to go see my favorite music artist in concert I'd love to go, even if it was or was not a date. If you don't want to seem like you're rushing things just tell her you bought the ticket for a friend, but they cancelled and now you have an extra ticket and you thought she might want it.

    • 3mo

      Yeah I could do that and if she says yes then buy her ticket.

      Only reason I'm on the fence about it is because I'd still like to do something with her on the weekend if she doesn't go to the concert without making myself seem too available if that makes any sense.

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    • 3mo

      yes, i was wondering if i should ask her about the ticket in the first message

    • 3mo

      No. Ease into. Chat with her for a bit. Text her and ask her what she's doing. Then when she says what she's doing and asks you what you're doing in reply say you're listening to the band. Then mention that you're going to see them in concert soon, then ask.

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