Is it wrong to go out with my brother's ex-girlfriend (honestly I don't know if they qualified for a "relationship" but still?

They only went on one real date in the course of 5 months (this was when they were both 13, so a first for each) and he was the one that broke up with her. I'm friends with her and have started feeling something more than friendship towards her as of recently. If I asked her out I'm almost certain she'd say yes, but what would you think about it, considering that she "dated"? my brother first?


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  • Ever heard of guy code? Kinda fucked up don't you think? Ask him if it's ok.

    • He didn't ask me before going after my ex

    • Oh okay so two wrongs make a right? I see. Then go for it, if your conscience will be clear when doing it :|

      Be the bigger person, be the better brother and just ask. It will not hurt anyone to ask. You shouldn't want to purposefully go behind your brother's back and start trouble. He's your family.

  • Please, there are plenty of girls out there.
    Don't date your brother's ex
    come on man


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  • Well, you should first make sure she likes you or is interested in you. Has she shown any positive signs that might indicate that she might like you?

    if not it's not worth taking a risk, maybe she wants to be single for now.