Why has he stopped speaking?

So I've been speaking to this lad for a while now everyday, we get on really well and have similar interests. He then decided to take me on a surprise date, it went so well I can't fault it, I went back to his we watched films it was a clean date. I did stay over as I fell asleep and it was too late to drive home, however we both were respectful. I had initially said nothing will be happening on a first date as that's my rule and he accepted this. Now I don't hear from him, he still has me on social media and is always looking at my snapchat stories but he's stopped all contact, I'm not really good on judgement, any particular reason as to why this has happened?

I have since tried to message him and even call him as I find it really strange and I've had no reply?


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  • there's a big difference between neither of you initiating any conversation and him 'not speaking'. Message him before it get more awkward.


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  • Maybe he wasn't really enjoying the moment together?
    Maybe something you done was a turn off for him and he just didn't mention that to you.
    Tons of stories out there where girls had a good time on their first date but never heard from their guy after. Looking at your snap stories not a big deal. You need to see the fact that he has time to be on snapchat yet he has not reached out to you.
    But then I also hear stories like guys give it a day or two to contact their date after the first date so wait few more days and if he still not contact you just move on.
    Or you can always initiate text/call first ask him whats up.


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  • maybe he's waiting for you to make first move and for you to text him first


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  • I think he got the idea that you weren't interested. Maybe let him know that you still are and if he still doesn't bulge then it means he's only looking to date casual