Does he want to be more then just friends?

Quick list
- he noticed me first (i never noticed him til he started talking to me)

- he gets red when he talks with me, or see me

- talks about what he'll do on the weekend to me, especially if he's going to a public event

- asked me to hang twice, no both times

- took off his goggles right when he saw me

- show up everywhere

- his clothes, used to be just tshirt, now polos

- initiate for my number but swerve around it

- asked if I'm married

But he would always disappear and reappear
I don't know if he's shy.

  • Friend
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  • More then friend
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  • Hates you
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  • He has a big crush on you

    • 3mo

      Explain the disappearing and reappearing situation please.

    • 3mo

      Must be shy and thought about how awkward it was the things he did and needed to time to get courage back again

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  • More THAN* friend


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