Boyfriend wants to be disciplined?

So, I've put up with quite his attitude and treating me bad. Yes i love him and he does as well, I told him to treat me better or Im done, If you love me show me!! You can't just say it and not act it, thats not how it goes. We both have had times where we did wrong, I did and so ddid he. Except he wants me to be more disciplined with him, not sure what else to say other than get you act together or Im done, see yeah bye... Any help? Or ways to kind of control him ( which he likes) not just now but also later on


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  • When he says something out of line, pinch him really hard.


What Girls Said 1

  • What do you mean by more disciplined? He's not a small child. Whenever, you cannot put up with his attitude, you should tell him that. There is no need for "punishment" or silly stuff like that. You're not his mother.