Do guys have to make the first move always?

Girls do guys always have to make the first move? Why? And what is the first move to you?


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  • If I like someone and I know by heart that I do, then I wouldn't wait for him to come to me. I would propose myself.

  • I've known girls who've initiated

  • Not always.. but my theory is if a guy is into you he makes the first move even before I think of make one. and this applied to shy guys too.

    The guy I'm seeing, he initiates texts pretty much every day. Our first date was initiated by him.. after our first date, he texted me every day good morning/good night/ through out the day just to check up, like I could see he is really into me. so I asked him for our second date. Like he would text me that much, flirting and everything, he even said he'd like to meet me again. and yet he wouldn't freaking ask me out for our second date so lol I was very very positive like I knew that he's going to say yes there's no way this guy's going to turn me down after all those texts. It has to be that obvious to make a girl do the first move. (this not speaks for all girls but pretty much most cases)

    If you not comfortable, too nervous to make the first move, make sure she knows that you are so into her. Otherwise most likely she would just assume you not that into her and she wouldn't make any move.

    But I seen many girls in this forum who initiate things first, so to answer your question, guys don't have to... but most the time you probably would need to.

    Just my thoughts...


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