I always have to go over to see my boyfriend, but he barely comes to see me. What am I doing here?

My boyfriend and I live in different cities about 45 minutes apart. I always have to cross the bridge to come over, but he only came over 3 times. We both live with our parents, so I never stay over and commute back and forth 3 times a week. When I asked him to come over, he doesn't and I always end up going over. I love him and I believe he loves me. We talked about marriage and it looks like I will be making all the changes.. ie moving to his town and driving an hour to work, moving in with his parents and even going on vacation with them, but no mention of my parents and what he will do for mines... I dont want to fight so I am agreeing to it all, but it feels like I am the only one making an effort... What should I do? Does he even love me or am I just good effort because I am agreeing to everything he wants?


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  • It maybe that you have both just got into a habit.

    Ask him to come to you half the time at least.

    If he makes a fuss then you should get out now.


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  • Well, usually when someone really loves you, they will make the effort to see you. Think about it, how do you think that marriage would end up.. That is probably something you want to think about.