Does he like me?

My classmate which is a guy has been showing signs that he likes me. He asked me if I had a boyfriend or not , he started asking what type of guy I liked and he's been trying to be a conversation starter with me. Im super shy and Im from a girls school so Im not used to guys. Lately we started texting and he had asked to spend time with him studying. He asked me to teach things like Chemistry and Physics. I know he's smarter than me but he keeps asking me to teach him. Besides that , he also asked me to teach him how to sing. He knew I was a vocalist back in highschool and since then he always asked me to sing for him through voicemail. He said he adores my voice so much.

Do he like me? Why he keeps asking me to sing for him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah I would say he likes you, if u like him ask him out, dont wait or else dont lead him on


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes! He does or at least he is really interested in u😃 he is just searching for cause to go out with u. But maybe he is a bit shy just like you. Try making the first move! Ask him to go to the cinema with you •just as friends•

  • He definitely likes you. He has a crush on you