My abusive ex dumped me by text 6 weeks ago, there is a guy texting me now but I feel awful and feel like it's wrong? Please help?

My ex boyfriend who I was with for 6 years broke up with me 6weeks ago. He ended it over a text message and was pretty mean and horrible to me the last few months of our relationship. He turned verbally abusive and also when he broke up with me he told me to 'fu*k off and go find something productive to with me my life and told me to move on' obviously the last few weeks have been upsetting but I have accepted he broke up with me. I reached out to him 2 weeks ago and asked him was there hope and told him I really do love him and missed him. He replied saying 'my message was backhanded bullsh*t and he wants me out of his life and he's happy and his life is a piece of cake without me' so I just replied 'ok' weeks have went on and I haven't talked to him, and he's disappeared. This is guy now who has liked me for years is talking to me, he's just being nice to me and he knows the story. But I am not over my ex and I feel weird even talking to another guy. I do like this guy he's good lookin and very kind. It's just nice to talk to a nice person again. He asked me to go for a walk but I'm very unsure. I'd feel like in a way it would be wrong of me? For some reason. I don't want another boyfriend obviously I'm not over my ex and I'm very hurt and emotionally hurt over what he said to me and done. But is it wrong of me to talk to this guy? We can be friends? But I am very feel lonely, but I don't want to hurt this guy. I did tell him I'm not looking for another boyfriend I no I have to heal and find myself again. My ex said to me 'you will never another guy' so talking to this guy is just nice, he calls me beautiful and a lovely person. We do get on quite well, I'm just a bit confused and feel like I should stop texting this guy. When my ex broke up with me my friend introduced us, we did no off each other tho. I'm 24 if that is any help. Thank you guys I just need a honest opinion and help with this. I am still hurting be bad


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  • How can you still be head over heels for a guy who treats you with such disrespect? I can understand you are not ready to date yet, but please, have some self respect and stop reaching out to your ex. He has CLEARLY made it known he wants nothing to do with you anymore.


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  • Alright girl, I feel your pain. Will be giving you the 411 so sit back and pay attention. Put your ex in the back burner. He does not deserve you, and I know you love him still but you deserve to be with a man who will treat you like a queen and appreciate you. (Something your ex does not know how to do)

    And because you are still not over your breakup with your ex, just knew your distance from the new guy. I'm not saying avoid him, you can be his friend. Get to know him and vise versa. There is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to meet other men. You're a single beautiful woman who's got her heart broken. But you're going to be ok. Surround yourself with positive people who will motivate you and encourage you to do better. You're not doing anything wrong. Who knows, this new guy seems very nice and he could be the one who will respect and treat you the way you deserve. If you wanna talk some more just shoot me a message- I gotchu 😉