This girl says she loves me, but rejected me, ignores me, and gets mad when I talked to another girl?

For the longest time, this girl I've been friends with has been exactly that; A friend, no complications. I've always been that guy she talks to because I'll talk to her about the way she feels. Recently, I asked her out. She said she only likes me as a friend. No problem, no is no, I'll respect it. After a while, she met another female friend I talk to. Nothing going on there. She was beyond mad. Saying I'm a player. Well, I'm not like that with Friend number two, and if I was, it wouldn't be her (The main girl I'll refer to as Jane) buisness. She told me no. When I asked her why she cares if I talk to another girl, she got mad and said "Fine, have her, I don't care.". I got irritated, and straight just asked her why she's jealous since she doesn't like me. She winds up saying she loves me, and we wind up not seeing eachother the rest of the night. I started to text her, and usually she replies nearly instantly, but now she replies once every 10 hours or so. If it is about the way she feels, it is totally ignored. If it is about something completely irrelevant, like my pet bird, she'll talk for a while, but not open up. Recently, I made a confession. I told her I had feelings too. She always asks about the other girl, and when I say there is nothing there, she doesn't believe me, or stops replying. How can I talk to this girl about us if she doesn't reply, reads messages and never answers, won't go out with me yet super jealous, and says she loves me but won't accept my love for her?


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  • She sounds nuts man... Is she even worth being friends with?


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  • Sounds weird, I say let her go man find someone better

  • Well, good for you


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