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So basically my boyfriend asked me to rate him out of 10. With 1 being average. So I asked him to rate me back. And he said 6 out of 10 with 1 being average. What does this mean? Because my idea of 1 is ugly. Whereas his idea of 1 is average. It's weird because he tells me I'm very beautiful and pretty/sexy etc. I'm confused because he thinks 1 is average so where does that put 6?


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  • That's what u get for asking for a rating

    • FYI he asked me and then gave his opinion. Second he thinks a one is average so six is above average

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  • That would hurt my feelings

    • Well yeah but he thinks 1 is average so what does that mean?

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    • Should I bother asking him? He's really confusing at times lol

    • I would ask, but I think he meant well


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  • If 1 is average it's not ugly. It's average.

    Ask him what he means. How the hell can we know?

    • I only asked that's the whole point of gag.
      So he thinks I'm well above average?

    • And the while point of a relationship is being able to communicate with that person.

      Yes, that's what it sounds like he thinks.

    • Yeah ik. I will ask him but don't want him to think I'm being silly? Coz I'm not it's just your man should be attracted to you...

  • 1 is super ugly
    5 is average
    10- is super beautiful

    • Yeah to us normal people lol to hhim 1=average so what am I at 6 is 1=average?

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    • I thought so because he keeps telling me I'm very beautiful but then this lol. He so tells me that he thinks I'm the most beautiful girl in the world so he's confusing lmal

  • 6 is very good 6/10

    • If 1 is average. What is 6?

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    • Your above average that's what he means

    • He's so confusing sometimes like he only understands his way

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