This is an odd question to me so read the description?

I'm looking for like minded people at my school to hopefully date, I think it's bad that I look I pick girls to chase based on looks. I'm not saying I'll take anything but does this increase my chance of failure if the girl is pretty, not hot but at least pretty.
next question, how do you chase a girl if you've never hung out with her before and don't see her daily? and you don't know how to approach her and introduce yourself?


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  • Approach her, greet her and tell her your name. Also, mention that you have seen her in /insert class. You can try asking her anything class-related.


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  • Do what I don't do and just be yourself and talk normally like a friend? For fear of embarrassment I don't even bother doing this, I just love the air in my lungs and smile. Just don't be a 'creep'.