Let's say you are a guy/ girl and recently rejected a girl/ guy, ideally how would you prefer that person act/ respond after you rejected them?

What would want them to say to you immediately after you reject them? In general would you want them to talk to you some time after the incident or would you not want to run into them again? Would you want to still be their friend/ acquaintance and act like the whole thing never happened? Would you be able to still see that person the same? Are you the rare individual that gets somwhat of an ego boost after turning someone down and want to see them upset/ show emotion? Have you ever rejected someone and not felt entirely confident about it? Maybe thought to yourself " Well, if I said yes maybe I would have actually liked going out with that person and it wouldn't have felt like a trip to the dentist. Maybe I let the negative side get the best of me there and could have been more open to the idea and given them a chance. It beats feeling guilty about the whole thing." Are you the type of person who does not care how they respond or act. Just not care in general? Or do your thoughts on this ever completely vary on a case to case basis. Curious to hear people's different thoughts on this.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I think it depends on your relationship before said rejection. If you were good friends, i'd be ok with them taking some space, but I'd want it to go back to our friendship before. If you werent good friends, I'd take the cut your losses and run approach

  • I'd ignore him and move on

    • Because you're assuming you'd be leading them on? This is probably the most common mindset people have. The only potential downside I could see with this is if maybe you were good friends with the person / had to see them and they took the rejection well and still would want to be friendly but would not pursue you anymore. Then ignoring them could be a bit harsh.

    • * had to see them again

What Guys Said 1

  • As one of my fav reality stars once said. Cut all contact, that way you'll forget. Smart of him too!

    • If you're wondering who said that, it was Gary Beadle

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    • Lol not necessarily. I think sometime that rings very true. Not all the time of course. There are times where it's best to take the it was nothing personal approach and still be on speaking terms. That depends on the people involved of course.

    • True, well I have to get some rest. Have a good night man!