I like him, can tell he likes me, but we work together and see each other every day?

I really like him so much.. when we talk, it's like.. electric. And we can't stop staring at each other in the hallways. People might even think something is going on already.

But I just don't know about dating a coworker, especially one that sits right across from me and I always see.

Should I go for it anyway?


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, yes you should. Just ask him out when others aren't around. Then keep it just between the two of you for a couple months at first so others aren't always trying to give their opinions of what you should or shouldn't be doing.
    You don't want workplace drama or gossip, so even if you do date, keep it private for a while first to establish a good connection.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, if you like him, then ask him out. I am pretty sure the answer will be positive assuming that he likes you back.