Why don't guys/girls ever check me out or ask me out?

I feel vain for asking but it's just so strange and it kinda hurts a little. When I go out with my friends and I put effort into how I look, guys stare at them and approach them even if they dress in boyish looking clothes and I don't want a lot of that kind of attention but it comes off that no one finds me attractive. Even when i go out by myself nothing happens. I know you may be thinking that I don't notice if it happens to me but since I'm so confused as to why not, I try to be more aware about it.

I'm 18 but I look really innocent, petite, and youthful so I guess it could be that they think I'm jailbait so I understand in that sense but even at school no one ever seemed to like me romantically. I am quite shy so that could be it but I've seen plenty of shy girls that don't have this issue. My friends all assume that I'm a lesbian and that doesn't really bother me but I'm sure they think it because I've never had a boyfriend or a romantic interest at all, but even then girls aren't attracted to me either.

It's really hurting my self esteem and I know it shouldn't I do love myself but it's just really bugging me and makes me sad at times. I do smile and talk to people but it seems to not do anything. Any helpful input would be appreciated.

How I look lol: okay so I'm 5'1 and petite, I'm skinny but I have curves, like a butt. I have dark skin, big eyes, full lips, and people say i look very innocent/cute in the face. I dress pretty nice. So I think I look pretty harmless and not intimidating, although I guess I might have a bit of a resting bitch face. I'd post a pic but I don't feel very comfortable with that :(
I also have shoulder length curly dark hair


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  • Without seeing you it's difficult to say. Possibly because you just radiate having a low self-esteem and being a plain Jane. A lot ofit is how you carry yourself.

    • I see what you mean I'll try and work on my confidence level and maybe add something slight to my looks to give me something unique

    • I am not talking about clothing in terms of plain Jane, but about what you radiate. Charisma is the key here.

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  • There is nothing wrong with you. The guy that meets you will like you for you.


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  • It might be that you look young but it can also be your clothes making you look younger. What clothes do you usually wear when you go out?

    • Hm yeah thats what I thought. I usually wear skinny jeans a fitted t shirt and vans.

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    • Alright thank you for the input :) I'll try that

    • Your welcome I wish you luck getting a date.

  • Upload a pic for better results. can't tell if you are attractive or not. Sorry to put it bluntly but us men are visual. We like women who catch our eyes. My guess it's the clothes.

  • Try posting a pic

  • I have the same problem, but with out a pic I can tell you what it is , maybe description would help


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  • i feel the same way, but i think its because men are just shy

    • It possibly could be, but in that case it'd have to be guys that find me attractive that are shy because a ton of guys stare at my friends Lol. Also how do you feel the same way?