How do you get a guy to want to date you? Even after you've been through a lot together?

Okay, so me and this guy have been talking since December (it's now April) and around January we told each other we both liked each other. I expected him to ask me out, but nothing happened. He says it's due to his past that he doesn't want to ask me out. So he comes over one day and ends up kissing me. (HE kissed ME) And soon this became a rather repetitive thing. He would come over, we make out, he leaves. I keep trying to talk to him about us, but he always uses the same excuse. We ended up doing some things the last time he came over and the next day he cut me off. He said he didn't think we should be romantic or personal anymore. So we talked recently and sorted some things out, and agreed on a few things. But he still won't ask me out although he says he still wants to be with me and hang out. So we're pretty much dating, but not dating. He says he doesn't want to be committed. It's odd. What should I do?


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  • You can't make him, either he wants to date you or he doenst, I can't make you change your fav colour, candy etc...


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  • It sounds like he wants his cake & eat it too ! You should now that if a dude does stuff w| you & then drops you for however short the time is he only wants one thing. This has happened to me before and the way I solved the issue was I completely ignored him & had HIM come and talk to me ad when he noticed that I was not interested in being friends only he kinda got the picture. You gotta make him work for something that he wants you can't just give it to him. Best of luckk !