What's going on in his head?

Long time lurker, first time poster. So I met a great guy in June and we have been out about 8 times. I was out of town 3 times since we have met so part of the reason we haven't been out more. He's funny, smart, sexy, cool, kind, and sweet. We are very open and communicate well and the sexual chemistry is off the charts. But I do have some confusion so thought some internet strangers might have some insight and advice. We text pretty frequently and also talk on the phone. He has said he wants me to be 100% comfortable with him. He cancelled on me the day of back in July and I said "I had a feeling you were going to cancel" and he told me "that's because you don't trust me and think I'm like other guys and am just going to disappear". He's always telling me how sexy I am and when he kisses me he holds my face and plays with my hair. He looks me in the eyes and wants to know what I'm thinking. What I'm confused about it a few things he's said over the last few days. He said "I'm looking to have fun and good company and if great sexy happens, great!" Which made me think, okay he's just a friend with benefits. But then the other night after we had a really fun night and talked about how the sexual chemistry is off the charts with us, he said "next time, if there is a next time, I want more intimacy." I indicated that I wanted a next time and he said "I do too I just don't want to presume". And then today he was joking around with me and said "you, my friend, are a cornball". He also calls me babe, boo, baby. And last weekend said he can sense I'm still not totally comfortable with him and he looks forward to me really letting go and being comfortable. So obviously I'm going to talk to him face to face next time I see him to just ask where he's at. But I'm confused because he will be all romantic and intimate one day and then the next says friend stuff. Any thoughts would be appreciated


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  • His head is full of sexy thoughts.


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  • He is not genuinely interested in you. He simply wants to be your friends with benefits.