Should I go after this girl?

Hey everyone! I met this petite blonde girl in this nightclub in Scotland this week, and we instantly clicked straight off the bat. She's really cute, positive and energetic, super-sexy, and smart as well. Turns out that we have loads of shared interests, and she's even studying to go into the same line of work that I do (art & design). It just felt so natural to sit and chat with her, and to be myself around her- It felt like we had a genuine, personal connection, and she's the first girl I've met who's ever said that I was 'nice' and meant it in a good way.

In no time at all, the sexual chemistry between us was off the charts, more intense than anything I've ever felt before. Within the hour, in a dark corner of the club, we were making out, hard- even though I'm 29, I'd never even kissed a girl on the lips before. But by the time we had to wind things down and wrestle our hormones back under control, I'd playfully slapped her bared ass, dry-humped her repeatedly, squeezed her soft, firm little breasts, teased her tiny, perky nipples directly with both my fingers and my tongue, and even sampled a sip of her 'secret potion', via the wet, sticky finger she'd been diddling herself with (which was delicious). By the end, she was panting, out of breath- and she was the one who asked me where I was staying, with the implication that we could meet back up there and go all the way.

But I was only in the city to visit family, sharing a hotel room with my parents, so I couldn't invite her back there. She seemed really sad when I told her that I'd be leaving town the next morning; 400 miles is a lot of distance. And there's an even bigger issue. It was her first time at that nightclub, just as it was the first time I'd gone to that kind of nightclub- but she'd just started working there, moonlighting as a pole-dancer to try and cover her student debts. So, what do you think? Does it matter- should it matter? Should I try and pursue a relationship with this girl or not?

  • Yes
  • Maybe, but only as a casual partner
  • No
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by the way, I've already done everything on the checklist (http://www. wikihow. com/Date-a-Stripper) besides no.8. She was easily the best dancer there- but doing a front somersault off the pole, she lost one of her high-heels on her landing. The other girls all laughed, but I tipped her. Afterwards, she asked me if I wanted the private dance I'd paid for. I told her not to worry about it, asked if her ankle was okay, and invited her to sit and chat with me- things bloomed from there.
I'd really appreciate the opinions of a girl or two, just to get a female perspective on this. What would the girl be likely to think if I did decide to go all the way back up there, just for her, and gave it a try- could it make me come across as being desperate, or being a creeper?


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  • go for it.

  • Maybe, but only as a casual partner

  • Yeah if it's possible