When will I hear from him again?

My boyfriend of a year and I got into a fight and he has been ignoring me , I told him what he did that hurt me and how I feel and he said nothing at all and won't talk to me at all. Ots been three days, will I ever hear from him again?


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  • Sometimes it seems longer than it is. Give him up to 2 weeks. If he doesn't react or contact you in that time maybe its over. Otherwise he might just need time ad space to cool down and work himself out. He could be thinking of how to deal with what hurt he caused and if he is capable of doing it again. If he hurt you; you shouldn't be chasing him down to fix it. You told him what he did and how that hurt you. He's the one that should say something. Otherwise at the end of the 2 weeks leave him a message saying you've realized he doesn't want to work it out. That you did miss him but its time to move on. If he doesn't love you enough to work it out something else will come along where the person cares enough to make the effort. Only exemption to the 2 week rule is if the person works a job that sometimes takes them on distant trips like military, working oil rigs, etc.


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  • You'll Probably hear from him in a day or two. Usually the silent treatment is used by one to get a message to the other that something said/done is not acceptable. Rather than adding to the current situation he decided to plead the 5th and not say anything. You might come to thank him for keeping silent. Most often words said in frustration are regretted soon after. Once it's said out load there is no taking it back. Everything worth it, takes time.

  • Ask him.

    • I asked him to talk about it and he said nothing

    • You won't know till he answers guy. Question is; how long are you willing to wait?

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