Does this girl like me?

Does this girl like me? Here are some things we've talked about,

1) Would I ever consider going out with her in the future

2) If she asked me to kiss her would I

3) If I asked her to kiss me she would

4) She often jokes about us being married in the future but makes it sound so real

5) She says she wants to get to know me better for future events

I know it sounds like it but she's like my best friend and sometimes we just ask weird questions.


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  • If she jokes about you getting married in the future she's not joking. I have a girl friend and I called her one day

    and I said "I have a question it's silly mabe not, she's going to say "tell me" so then you tell her that you like her and that it's silly then if you want to make her say yes you say that if she

    said yes you would be okay with that so that's my advice.


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  • Sounds to me like she likes you but doesn't wanna come right out and say it for fear of being rejected. You need to decide whether or not you like her more then just a friend and if you do.....TELL HER!!!!! if she's just playing games with you then she's not much of a friend is she?

  • She definitely does!! Do you like her. I say if the feeling is mutual then go for it. She wants you to make the first move, badly. She might be saying she likes your friend just because she can't come right out and say I LIKE YOU.

  • Do you like her?

    From the sound of it...yes, she's interested in you. Definitely. No doubt about it. But she's just waiting for YOU to make a move.

  • Definitely, she must think she has 1.) a future with you. 2.) desire to kiss you 3.) the want for you to want her to kiss you. 4.) a funny personality and wants to be with you bad and 5.) wants you....badly.

    She likes you alot...



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