Is dating easier for "shy beta losers" in 30s?

We hear on many internet articles of guys in their teens, 20s... Who can't get a girl if their life depended on it...

As they get older however, in the 30s... The girls seem to be all over these guys...

Is this true?

These are stable guys, who have been focused on their careers, travelings, and hobbies... haven't played girls and have been themselves...

So would dating and casual sex be easier for these guys in the 30s?

Me personally I wouldn't want to settle down with a girl who has had her fun, until I have had mine...


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  • I honestly doubt that.


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  • I wish but I kinda doubt it.

    If you let yourself go or lose your hair then whatever appeal you gain from having a good career will be offset by whatever you lose in your looks.

    Also being wealthy isn't going to suddenly make you good at talking to and flirting with women. Which is really important. If you are inexperienced and so far behind where most girls are, that will make it harder to interact with them.

    I think money only matters for when they want someone to buy a house and raise kids with. When they want someone to have fun and have casual sex with all they care about is looks, charm, and entertainment.


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  • Yeah, all those single moms and girls that have been around the block that want to settle because they realize they can't get the guys they want to stay with them.

  • Yeah because they have money. In your teens/early 20s you gotta be a stud to get girls which a lot of guys aren't.