Boyfriend Has Female Friends, Should I Be Upset?

My boyfriend has female friends and I'm okay with it but today we got into a unnecessary argument about me meeting them i only asked to meet them and he had got so upset he stop messaging me did i really do something wrong? Also i told him i have trust issures so i think we should fall back on sex until I'm comfortable with his female friends. Did i do any thing wrong? And why is he ignoring me this long?


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  • Why haven't you met his female friends before now? I have female friends and my girlfriend is familiar with them. She's not close to all of them, may not like all of them, but she's at least familiar with them, as I'm familiar with her guy friends. It's a trust issue.

    • He told me he had female friends but never actually introduced me to them alao we started dating 4 weeks ago

    • My bad, I assumed by your post you were dating longer than that. Four weeks without meeting them just an issue.
      But he should introduce you sometime. If you two are to be in a relationship, you are going to run into his friends eventually and vice versa

    • *isnt an issue

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  • He would apreciate you more if u let him talk to whoever he wants cause if you are the type of girl that's controlling your boyfriend will eventually won't want to talk to you or be around you

    • I said i don't care about who he talks to i said i wanted to meet them


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  • He probably thinks that if you want to meet them then you are getting jealous and think he is doing something wrong with them.
    Personally I would have a problem if I had a girlfriend that hug=ng out with guy friends, but I would be okay if I had friends that were girls. It's not fair, but that's how I would feel because the guy friends would probably hit on the girl, but the girls may not hit on/flirt with the guy friend. Get it?

  • You sound very possessive. If I'm with a girl and she doesn't like me having female friends I'm probably not going to be with her for very long.

    • Lol i only asked to meet them

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  • Well it's weird that he's been off since you want to meet them... so sounds more about him than you