Would you wait for the one you love?

How long would you wait for the one you loved?

Or would you not wait?


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  • Need details

    • I dated this girl Michelle for 6 months.
      But my past keeps coming up and she does not like it. But she has been trying to get over it.
      For the past 6 month we have had our ups and downs. She even said it feels like we have been together for more then 6 months more like years of how we connected and accompied each other.
      She use to drink a lot but she was in the hospital for 2 weeks and day before she got relased I went down and spent the night with her in the hospital. I was so worried about her because of how much damage she did to her liver. I quit drinking to help her quit her addiction to alcohol.
      The past month before she left me, if me or her had to go somewhere, we always went together.
      I wanted to do soemthing speical for our 6th month anniversary and she said I don't have to take her out but laying together me holding her is what she wanted.
      Over all I should of not responded after she told me she was leaving me.

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    • I Said to her a day ago, do you love him and she said No. I said you know you love me deeply, she didn't respond but I know that is true. I got mad at the end but oh well, tried to call her tonight to applogize. She did not pick up. But she seems to call me when he is not around. She has said that he isn't me and she wants me. Odd huh. Misses me and wants to see me. Thinks about me all day.

      Do you think when she said she has not thought about me all day that in reality she did think about me all day since she said that she thinks about me all the time.

    • She just called me a while ago.
      She was wondering what I was doing.
      But she talked about what she tells her kids cause she has told them that if it don't work out with that one guy that I am the only one she would go back too. I don't think she likes it there with him. She is finding ways to just call me to talk. He gets mad that we talk to each other. I will wait for her cause I Do love her and I want her only also. She really has brought the best out in me and is helping me change to be a better man.

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  • What does "waiting" entail? Wait until they are finished trying other people and then settle for me? Fuck no.


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  • I always wait for serious relationships, as I don't date for fun. Is that what you mean by waiting?

  • I kind of am in that we're in a long distance relationship


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  • In what way wait?

  • well i was in a long distance relationship but she met a new guy and just decided to stop talking to me all together and i would of waited forever for her but now im not sure becaise the worst part is that she tried to hide it from me untill one of her friends told me

  • As the song says: "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with."