Crush acting weird?

So I'm going to try to keep this short but I was invited by my crushes sister to a concert over night in another city, my crush brought along four guy friends all of which I didn't think I got along with well, the first day of the concert we all where distant then the more we got to know each other my crushes friends started calling me babe or princess and using my phone a lot while my crush stared at me the whole time. A few of the out of the normal things he did are these. 1. Stared 2. he used my name a lot 3. He complimented me while I was playing his PS3 even though I suck 4. We played Pokemon until 3am with his friends after everyone fell asleep and he used my arm for a pillow 5. He was acting more responsible 6. He was trying to help me play volleyball and actually held my hand in his to show me how to hit the ball 7. He his little bro over reacted and bruised his leg (to which my crush would normally tell him to suck it up) and he held him and talked to him while glancing at me to make sure I was watching. This all happened the day after the concert? Could it just be he wants to be my friend and he got to know me more or does he like me? Ps. He can't date for another two years...


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  • I think he likes you. Why can't he date? He's not allowed?

  • He wants to remain friends