Help! I feel like I'm messing everything up! Need advice?

So I recently started talking to a guy that I met online and fell in love with 3 years ago. We clicked at day one and we were so into each other. Honestly he's the greatest guy I know and we wanted to be with each other so badly back then but we were far apart. We ended up meeting other people. Fast forward to now... he lives an hour away, we are both single and we started talking again. We like each other just as much as we did back then. He's great, but I feel like I'm messing everything up. When we both went our separate ways I had absolutely horrible relationships that changed me. I'm more cautious, I get paranoid about saying the wrong thing, and I'm holding back to protect myself and my feelings. And I feel like that's affecting us especially when we are texting each other. I'm meeting him this week for the first time and I feel so nervous because I feel like I'm gonna mess it up. This guy is the one for me and I want it to work. I don't know what to do. I need advice.


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  • Give him a bj in the car. Always gets rid of nervous tension.


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  • If you already know what you're doing wrong, you should stop. Just stop. Try being more relaxed and carefree. Being paranoid and stressing over every little thing has numerous negative effects and it is not beneficial at all. I understand that you're scared of being hurt again, but if you won't allow yourself to be more relaxed and less tense the guy will end up thinking that you're not that much interested in him.