Have you ever dated someone from the internet in real life

what's it like? some one close to your town..far?


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  • She was from my town. We met on mspace and she sounded really interesting, she had a lot of photos with friends and pets, so I figured "sure, she sounds like a down-to-earth girl"... Then I asked her if we could meet up and she teased me with saying how I was falling in love with her, etc.. So we finally met up and had a good fairy-tale night, everything seemed legit... Then all of a sudden she started blowing up my phone about how I'm seeing my ex and stuff. It was a blind side.. So naturally I tried to explain myself because I was the nice-guy. She asked me to stop texting her and so I did (that wasn't a problem). Then afterwards she sent me a text as I drove by and she wrote "Slow down" ... I should've listened, I wrecked my car a few months after that. Now I've learned rather than just "listened".

    Overall, she was a creepy gal with a lot of insecurity issues. She thought she was the cream of the crop because she was attractive. It was funny how people can portray that they are funny and laid back online, but in reality they are phony and distraught.

    I despised that experience, but I haven't let it bother other endeavors. I've met some good friends, but I've never dated anyone for quite some time. I just prefer being independent until I find a girl that closely matches my personality in a weird way.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I gave it a shot once...It didn't work out for me

    Its really odd, I mean you've talked several times and got a general gist of them but they still feel like complete strangers

    she lived about 20 min away by car


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  • My best friend met a guy on OK cupid. He lived in the same town. He was cute and pretty nice and normal, but totally broke and borrowed money from her all the time during their short relationship. He ended up being kind of a loser.