How do I muster up the courage to talk to her about being more than friends?

okay so this might sound complicated but here it goes.

I want a T to tell my best friend that I think we should try being more than best friends because I love her. We just moved 12hrs away from our home town together at the start of the month and it's been amazing, we share a room, bed, money, car, and I'm putting her on my Telus account so she can get a new phone and plan instead of minutes. I told her yesterday that when I pick her up from work today I wanted to go for a walk or drive somewhere so we could talk about something I've wanted to. And now that time is coming up in an hour and I'm nervous as all hell. We hooked up a couple years back when we first met and haven't since but she tells me I'm the only one that fully gets her and I'm her favourite person in the world. We were at a music festival a month ago and we were in Molly and she asked people around us if we looked like a couple and if we'd be cute together, and then looked at me and said wouldn't it be crazy if we ended up getting married when we were older. The confusing part is she used to say she didn't want to date and now since the music festival she said she was scared of moving in together because she mightn't catch feelings and how she is scared she would lose me. I think things have changed the past couple months and I want to ask her to take the risk and let her know no matter what that I won't go anywhere because she's my everything.

How do do I gain the courage to just do it?


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What Girls Said 1

  • You seem really close with her, so I can't imagine why you can't talk to her about this. And you're basically dating now, you're just calling it something else. You should probably get her to see that if she still says she's against dating.


What Guys Said 2

  • First thing do realize this is a huge change. One that you cannot ever go back from. Once you cross that line, you've crossed it and now she will either become a wife or ex rather than a life long best friend

    If you are ready for that permanent change, just look at her... thats your courage bro. It's right in front of you

    P. s. Personally id tell you to take it slower. Dont draw such defining lines in the sand. Make it a grey area and see how she reacts. Maybe try to cuddle with her tonight

  • I think the easier way is find a common close friend to help you indirectly ask so you have an idea. The alternative is you directly ask her because at the end of the day you will feel much better that ou got it out whether it is a yes or no. Way better than always thinking what if.