Have you ever been stressed that you made your girlfriend/boyfriend upset, but it was all in your head?

I got really drunk the other night, and I'm kind of embarrassed about it.. I'm worried my boyfriend wasn't happy about it because he hasn't been initiating conversation. But whenever I text he's happy and asks me about my day. Have you ever thought that you made a significant other upset or something, but it was all in your head?


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  • Yes, haha, but I usually think to myself, if something so insignificant is able to end a relationship, the relationship wouldn't have been able to last anyways. So don't over analyze things and communicate to eachother if you did something to make eachother upset. Stay calm and enjoy eachother's company.😁


What Girls Said 1

  • I've got super worried about things that didn't bother him that much, and then said things that did upset him without realising they'd be such a big deal :/

    Communication is key; just ask him how he feels about the other night and you can talk about it