Low self-esteem while dating, regardless of IOIs?

So i've met this amazing girl a month ago and already had two meets, one was which a real date i think. Both of our meets went amazing. Although i'm not that good in these things, but as far as i can tell, she's really interested. Already met her family, at the end of our date, she invites me in, smiling like crazy all the time, stuff like that. Somebody with more confidence would be all over her already, but yeah.. that's not me.

I just can't get over this feeling that i'm not good enough for her and stuff like that, i don't know why. Yes, i do have low self-esteem or confidence or whatever you want to call it. I don't have social anxiety or anything like that, i have no problems talking to girls, but i think as we're getting closer, i'm kinda scared that i would screw up this whole thing. I'm at this point where i should call and set up a new date, but something's holding me up.

How can you overcome something like this? Thanks very much.


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  • Never ever mention it to her. No matter what. If you mention it to her, she will end up losing interest. It's almost guaranteed.


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  • You should see a specialist about your self esteem issues.