Talking to my crush?

So I am a sophmore and i have had a crush on this one girl ever since 8th grade. In 8th grade we had some classes together and we would talk and flirt a lot. But when Freshman year came, we had no classes, and when I saw her for the first time that year she said I haven't seen you forever and i said ya it sucks that we. Dont have any classes together. And for. A while i tried to hit her up on instagram and whenever i did she would either never respond or small messages so i stopped. So one time on twitter she was doing this tbh in your dm so i liked it And She Said i was funny and that we should talk more and i said thanks and that we should. Sophmore year just. Rolled up and i haven't really had any chance to. Talk to her and have some what of a meaningful conversation. Im also afraid that I came on to stronge and. Made her feel like i was weird or lame. So i have kind of lost my Confidence when talking to her and I need help regaining it and finding out what to say to her.


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  • You just need to talk to her and thats it. Girls are not going to worry about all of that except that you actually do something about it. Like making a move. If you came on too strong, just try being her friend first then you can try to ask her out if she is interested. Study her habits, learn her communication still. TALK to her outside of the internet and texting. Talk one on one. That is properly communicating. Because if you do the opposite, it will cause confusion and you may lose your chance with her.

  • Talk to her dude, pretend she's a friend since forever. Be yourself, try not to act too thirsty and pay close attention to her body language! You don't have to white knight her and kiss the very tissues that she blows her nose on, but respect her, respect her space, I dunno invite her for a Group trip to the movies or better Laser tag! Chicks dig laser tag XD


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  • Bro, gonna help you out here.

    Just ask her if she wants to catch a movie or grab dinner.
    WORST case scenario she declines, and you can move on knowing it wasn't happening.

    Only thing waiting is doing for you is ruining your chances over a longer time.
    Honestly if your descriptions accurate she's probably in to you too and it won't go badly.